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What We Do

Process Digitalization

Visualize your entire operation in one place. Make changes on the fly through a simple, easy-to-use interface. No more running around with a clipboard or drowning in a sea of post-it notes.

System Integration

Got a mission-critical project with lots of moving parts? We’ll help you untangle messy workflows, keep your team aligned, and meet your project deadlines with time to spare.

Business Development & Transformation

We’ll uncover huge savings opportunities hiding in your workflows, help you tweak your business strategy to get long-term value out of your technology, and unlock growth opportunities through strategic transformation.

Business Consulting

We won’t just set up your Work OS and leave you in the lurch. We’ll stick by your side with regular consultations to answer any questions, train your team, and make sure your business continues to grow.

Workflow Optimization and Automation

Cut the grunt work out of your business and focus on the tasks that bring you revenue. Save up to thirty minutes per day, per employee.

The Economic Impact of monday.com

A Forrester study, Mar 22

A three-year financial projection based on an in-house creative agency’s experience


200% increase

In numbers of campaign the team is able to launch per day

30 min/day

Saved by each user at least 3 days a week

$807.000 saved/month

By reducing development project costs

Less than 4 months

Payback period

Over 3 years

Tangible Benefits




New Present Value (NPV)


Quantified benefits

Unquantified benefits

  • Job satisfaction
  • Stress reduction
  • Data-driven reporting

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